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Bug: API2 installation on non-ubuntu linux gives error

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  • Bug: API2 installation on non-ubuntu linux gives error

    Installation of API2 from source as instructed at is broken. Since svn revision 3123, by what I can find.

    At installation, ccmake/cmake reports an error:
    $ cmake ../api2/ -Wno-dev
    MMX enabled on Linux
    SSE and SSE2 enabled on Linux
    CMake Error at cmake/common/CreateInstaller.cmake:37 (MESSAGE):
      Unsupported CODENAME a
    Call Stack (most recent call first):
      CMakeLists.txt:395 (INCLUDE)
    The problem is due to a check using lsb_release -a (line 23), comparing an extracted parameter "codename" to the only allowed matches "precise" and "trusty", narrowing only to two specific versions of Ubuntu (in my case this value is not set as the parameter is optional). I'm not sure why this check is performed at this point, it is however quite inconvenient when trying to automate installation and updating API2.

    Possible workarounds:
    • In the file cmake/common/CreateInstaller.cmake, commenting out (as of current revision (3191)) lines 35-39 inclusive, optionally substituting the codename.
    • In the file /etc/lsb-release, add or change the line DISTRIBUTION_CODENAME= using either "precise" or "trusty" as the value. (This might affect your system in other ways, I recommend changing it back after installing API2.)