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    I'm a college student, going for a mechatronics major, and decided along with a friend to enroll in the robotino challenge. The challenge is to control it via wire and to program it using Matlab/LabView instead of RobotinoView; unfortunately, we're having trouble connecting and making the Robotino do as we say.

    We tried looking for information online but the resources are limited and there is no sort of tutorial out there.

    Could someone shed some light and help us get better at programming this unit?

    >FIRMWARE 1.0.8
    >OS 20091130

    Thank you for your help.

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    What is exactly the issue? Connectivity?


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      Thank you for responding,

      We are having trouble figuring out how to control the robotino in real time, we succeeded in establishing a connection (confirmed by sending a ping in cmd) but we are uncertain in how to actually send the code to the unit.

      We are also planning in giving the Robotino a code that uses loops but can't find online resources for the syntax.

      Any help you could provide would be very appreciated.


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        Did you try other ways than Matlab or Labview, for example Robotino View?


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          hi! I'm having troubles using the drivers in matlab with robotino 3. I had the robotino 2.xx but few days ago the robotino 3 came and I'm trying to install the drvers in matlab but I'm having an error charging the library. I cannot get the answer. Could you please help me?


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            In order to help you, please post error messages you are encountering


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              well absolutely I've been having troubles with the error that the Odometry give. When I give an order to the robot he do it well, but when I give it the second order the robot is accumulating an error and sometimes don't reach the meters I put,and in the trhird order do the same, at the end the robot is practically lost because the acummulated error is a lot. I wrote the code

              Odometry_set( OdometryId, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0 );

              after every order i give to the robot, but I think is not working with Robotino 3 because with robotino it was working.

              Can you please help me?


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                For Robotino3 you have to use a different set of M-files with the new API2 interface. You can download the API2 package including the Matlab files from here

                Please let me know if this was helpful to you.