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    I read another thread with the same issue: I'm working with robotino V2 y labview 2014 32 bits. I tested a simple program to move the motor and another one from the examples. But even when I get a Connected status from Computer and from robotino, the motors just don't move. I have a some doubts about the settings that I hope someone can help me to clarify:

    Robotino is currently working on c++ but now I have to run some test in Lab view. The Ip settings ask for a port. If I keep the default 8080, i can't reach robotino I have to leave it as 80 to get a connected status. In c++, I didn't have to set a port, at least it wasn't explicit. Is my setting correct?

    Does anyone else have the same issue with the motor? any idea or advice?

    Thanks a lot,

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