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Controlling Objects inside Robotino Simulator Professional

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  • Controlling Objects inside Robotino Simulator Professional

    Hello all,

    At our university we have parkour for the Robotinos. This parkour has doors that are able to open and close through code.

    We also use Robotino Simulator Professional and would like to have doors or other elements that can be controlled through code.
    Does anyone know if there is a possibility to control something else than the robotino inside RoboSimProf ?

    I tried modifying the .vrmdl of the Robotino, to have something to connect to and then make it act like a block, door or something.
    I tried changing the <graphics> tag, it made the Robotino look differently, but that change the model looses it's ability, meaning I can't connect to it, it just behaves like an object.
    When I change to <physics> tag, and add the <include> tag of a normal block, it makes it look like a block and I can connect it. Sadly I can not move it around.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated


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    of course it is possible to control objects from outside of Robotino SIM. The problem is that the interface is not documented, because we only use it internally (especially for Robotino). But we also build an elevator and other thing for different research programs. Attached you can find the source code of the elevator plugin and the elevator model. Notice the joint names being identical in the model (physx and vrml) and the source code. So if you modify the Robotino model keep the names in order for the plugin being able to control the joints.
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      could you please renew the links, they seem to not work any more. Thanks in advance.


      Joachim Hänsel


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        Hi Joachim,

        Both download links are working for me, did you check firewall or comparable restrictions (zip files are sometimes block by browsers...)
        If this is not the problem, please specify further.