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    I'm new in this forum and I will do my bachelor thesis with robotino!

    I want to record a path that robotino does and I thought about saving the odometry parameters every X time, I create three diferent files (X, Y and W position) to output the data in a .txt document.
    But then when I want to import it back to View 3 it is a FLOATVECTOR and if I connect this with the position diver that works with FLOAT the program crashes.

    Anyone has an idea how to change this or how could I do that robotino reproduces the movements that it does?

    Thanks a lot!


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    hello kuoods I just saw your post, I will try to answer as soon as possible . I will program in Robotino view2 can be ? greetings


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      Hello I hope I have done something to help, follow the link to download the programming and .txt files: In the first step you move with the Robotino where you want, when you want to just stop. The second step is to perform motion performed in the first step. I have not tested with the Robotino to check the accuracy, the more I think that after analyzing the file I sent you will understand how it works. Best regards


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        Hello Joao!

        Sorry because since now I didnt see your post... Thanks for your help!

        I tested your program with robotino and it is not working but the idea is pretty good! I added just a (true) enable in the output and its working but the precision is not really good.

        I do not understand why do you use the sin waveform to add it to the control info, is because you want some numbers to change and so the data output is recording all them?

        I will test different things to try to get a better precision. I'm developing one program using Odometry and paths to do the same.

        Thanks again for your help!



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          hello Kuoods

          The wave sine is only to change the values to write to the .txt file as many lines as possible. This wave generates very small amounts that will not make any difference in time to perform the movements.
          If the block input values are a constant, it will record the .txt file only one line and time to run the program will go through it very fast which will not even have time to copy the movement.

          Actually I have not tested the program that sent you, I'm working on another project with the Robotino and when I am unable to do the tests to send you something more precise.

          I am sending another file to you another example that I set.
          I recommend you put a joystik to be able to do more elaborate moves.
          Follow the link:



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            Hello Joao!

            To increase the precision I multiply the sin for 0.01 so the error is super small and add a true in the outputs.
            I tested it with robotino and the error was aprox a 4% so I multiplied the outputs x0.9615 and now it's working pretty good

            I'm also working in a different program using odometry and path detection to compare them;

            I'll post better versions!


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              Hello Kuoods,

              I posted the wrong link.
              Follow the correct link from another program that I did:

              Remembering that I am not testing the program for the time account. I'm working on another project. Why not check the accuracy.

              Take care when using odometry, whenever you can use the sensors to adjust the robot somewhere and reset the gyro sensor with the proper corrected entry positions.
              There are other better ways to move the robot using this sensor.