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API-Update breaks ROS compatibility (Ubuntu 14.04)

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  • API-Update breaks ROS compatibility (Ubuntu 14.04)

    I just updated our Robotino3 which we are using with ROS. The update of the package robotino-api2 seems to remove the file Mapping.h which is used by the robotino_maping_node package. The workaround is to remove the robotino_mapping_node from the robotino_node package but I think this should be resolved in the SVN as well.

    See our github repository for the updated files.

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    I just saw that there is an update of the Robotino3 image, I will update our robot tomorrow and check this issue and have a look if I find any others.


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      Hey, we encountered the same problem.
      The headers were deleted, the functions moved to factory4.h.

      Haven't solved the problem yet, please tell if you have a working solution!?


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        Hi Thomas!
        You can see our changes at (only the ones in robotino_node/CMakeLists.txt)

        There you have to remove the lines about the robotino_mapping_node. Of course this means that this node isn't build but if you are using ROS it's likely that you don't need it anyway because ROS already provides everything you need.