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I can't update the robotino firmware

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  • I can't update the robotino firmware

    Well I need update the firmware of my robotino, so I downloaded the image version 1.2.4 and I copied that image in my USB, I followed all the instructions housed in the festo didactics web but the robotino doesn't send images into the monitor, I press F7 and F11 in the keyboard but nothing happens. So I want to know if exists another way to update the firmware, someone knows about it?.... Sorry if my english isn't good

    Please someone help me

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    Hey Danielinho,
    did you make sure the image is within the boot folder? Sometimes it helps if only USB and keyboard are connected and everything else is unplugged.
    Keep on pressing F7 from the start of Robotino until you see the blue little window. Do you see that? On which step of the instruction are you stuck?

    All the best


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      I see the blue little window and the four options, but the keyboard doesn't work, I press any buttom but it doesn't respond. What can I do?

      I have two robotinos, and I'm trying update the firmware both, the first robotino has the problem that I mention above, and the second throw the error 22 when I push enter to the third option in the window.

      I can't find the problem in both cases please help me, if you need some screenshot I can upload it
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        Danielinho, você é brasileiro?
        Me mande um email, te envio os comandos para atualizar o firmware do Robotino 2. [email protected]