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Video streaming from camera on Robotino in real time - MATLAB code

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  • Video streaming from camera on Robotino in real time - MATLAB code


    I'm working on a project, and it is necessary to follow the movement of the Robotino with a camera in real time. For this task I have to use MATLAB.

    I establish a link with the camera on Robotino, but can not get video streaming of Robotino movement in real time, I only get a picture of the starting position of Robotino and this information is useless to me.

    Can someone help me? How to solve this problem? Can someone show me the MATLAB code for the solution of this problem?

    Thanks in advance.

    Best regards!

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    What do you exactly mean by real time? I guess you try to get a live video stream of the robot? Since I wouldn't call this real time what you can do with Robotino, because you go through a lot of software (deamons etc.) and WiFi so there is a lot of delay in image transfer. That is no 'real' real time. But if you only want to go to a kind of live streaming (like you get when you enter the Webpage of the Robotino and select the Control view), it shouldn't be a great deal since I guess this is a common Matlab use case. I would start here: and also check how to start a webcam streaming server on Ubuntu (which you then start on the Robotino). I don't know if there is an easier way using Fest tools..


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      Hi Misken,

      First of all, thanks for your help.

      Yes, I know it is not really 'real time' video transfer from Robotino camera, and that there are still delays in transmission, for the reasons you mentioned. But if we take the 'Camera example' from RobotinoWiki ( for MATLAB:, and for Simulink:, there Robotino recives video streaming in 'real time'. However, when I run this example in Simulink, I get a 'real time' video streaming from Robotino, and I can see how Robotino follows the line. But, when I run this same example in MATLAB, Robotino follows the line, but I can not see it in 'real time' video streaming. I'm working on a project where I need this informations from camera, and it is required to be done in MATLAB. I'll try some of your proposals.

      Best regards.