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Robotino don't run the programs in web interface

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  • Robotino don't run the programs in web interface

    hello, I'm new here and some assist.
    I have a robotino (v3.1.3) and I was trying to make it run Robotino Factory. To do so, I resorted to this same forum where i found in a past topic an sugestion to do an update procedure using the prompt. I was unable to complete the update because it presented an error.
    And right after that a new problem arise: the robotino no longer executes the programs stored in its memory through the web interface. As soon as I click on Run, it automatically stops.
    In the Robotino View works fine.

    I tried to run the command from the prompt and this message appeared.

    ​If anyone please could help me. Thanks.​
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    Hi there,

    Robotino Factory requires Smart-Soft to run. This is usually not the case for Stand-Alone Robotinos.
    It seems in your quest to make it work you have been combining various versions of Robotino OS, View and Factory. The screenshot you posted shows a seg fault, my guess is your View project on your source PC has a newer version running than the interpreter on Robotino OS - as a result it works via PC, but not locally on Robotino.

    There are too many packages involved to make it run by trying out - we strongly recommend to use recommended versions only. The latest V3 OS including Smart-Soft is V 3.17, this should work with a Factory version matching the Smart Factory version.

    If you have a laser scanner or external IMU installed you can also upgrade Robotino 3 to V4 images, but be aware this will permanently break your internal IMU and can also cause performance issues which we do not test for.

    If our forest of different versions is intransparent to you, you are always free to start your own stack journey using ROS or similar approaches.

    Hope this was helpful!