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Problem with running | ROS on robotino3

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  • Problem with running | ROS on robotino3


    I am currently working on setting up ROS on robotino3 and I encountered some problems with using a script within the robotino_rest_node package named
    When I run on the first terminal and try to publish some data on the cmd_vel topic I get an error that says:" post to with params {'sid': 'robotino_rest_node'} failed"

    Does anyone know what is a solution for this?
    Thank you upfront.

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    Your Robotino runs an old OS. You are missing the REST-API interface on Robotino. Upgrade to the latest image.


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      Thank you for such a quick answer,

      on that note, can I ask you about installing the latest image, I tried that before everything else but when I selected the boot device, official usb from robotino, nothing really happend, old OS just run.

      I copied the image file in the boot directory on the usb


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        use a different USB port for the keyboard. Press F7 for boot menu.


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          I did that.

          For example
          I downloaded image: robotino3-3.1.7-smartsoft-2.3.5.f01
          Pasted that file on the usb folder "boot"
          Entered the boot menu
          Selected my usb as boot device, and nothing happened, old OS just got up


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            Click image for larger version

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            do i need to remove something from it ?


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              Please follow

              You can install robotino4 images.


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                Hey verbeek,

                I tried that today. Followed every step. I still have the same problem, I enter the boot menu, I choose my usb stick for the device to boot from, and it just starts the old installed ubuntu.
                I even have the video of that, I can upload it if it's necessary.


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                  Please upload the video. Maybe I can see something from the boot menu entries.


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                    Here you go, I uploaded it on youtube:


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                      Youtube: The video is not available any more


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                        title of the video is: Trying to boot robotino 3


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                          When you select your usb stick it just resets and the starts the OS from the internal mSata disk.

                          Why is it doing this? First, I think your BIOS battery is dead. Please install a new battery on the Robotino base board. Then try again.


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                            You were right about BIOS battery. I changed it and managed to install new OS.
                            But now the new problem is when running: roslaunch robotino_node robotino_node.launch

                            I get message:
                            [ERROR] [1669292448.345472424]: LaserRangeFinder0 :
                            [ERROR] [1669292448.361515337]: Odometry :
                            [ERROR] [1669292448.418020406]: RobotinoNode :
                            [ERROR] [1669292448.595185592]: Camera0 :​
                            [ INFO] [1669292450.294748775]: Odometry disconnected from Robotino.
                            [ INFO] [1669292450.312024054]: LaserRangeFinder0 disconnected from Robotino.
                            [ INFO] [1669292450.317996018]: RobotinoNode disconnected from Robotino.
                            [ INFO] [1669292450.695068236]: Camera0 disconnected from Robotino.

                            There is no error from beginning of the post, ROS is saying that messages are publishing, but robot is not moving.


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                              Is the REST API running? Try it directly with your web browser