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Robotino 4 Camera height

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  • Robotino 4 Camera height

    I am currently working with a Robotino4 and using the RobotinoFactory for mapping. I followed all the instructions and configured robotino to work with the Robotino factory using the RGBD Camera, but when i set the camera height to 300mm (height from the floor), it doesnt work. The problem is there is no instructions on what height it refers to, (from the floor?, from the bridge?, top of the camera, or center?)
    I've been experimenting with different numbers and it appears to work better with 110mm. But there must be a way to determine the exact value.
    Can anyone please let me know what height should i consider ?

    Thank you in advance!

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    The height is measured from the floor. The default setting in /etc/robotino/smartsoft_slave.conf is 350 (millimeters). This works for me.


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      Hi Verbeek,
      Thank you for your reply!

      I tried it with 350mm but it doesnt work. it sees an obsticle in front of it all the time, even if there are none. Are we talking about the same camera though?
      I attached a picture of my robotino camera.
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