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Cannot get gripper / manipulator current position readings

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  • Cannot get gripper / manipulator current position readings

    Hey everybody,

    I have the same problem as described in this thread but I don't want to resurrect such an old thread:

    I can control the electric robot arm (aka gripper aka grappler aka manipulator). But I cannot get readings of the current position of each axis. I get an error code of "-1" which isn't even specified in the help...
    What seems to be related to this problem is the fact that "position reached" of the position selection never returns true. And when I store a position of the robot arm, all axis values are 0. Any ideas on how to fix this problem?

    Best regards

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    To add to that:

    When connected via SSH, "robtopic echo grappler_readings" returns:
    10:41:33.007 | grappler_readings
    *** channel=0 id=1 found=true ***
    angle=0 speed=0 error=0
    cwAxisLimit=24.1758 ccwAxisLimit=74.1978
    *** channel=1 id=1 found=true ***
    angle=0 speed=0 error=0
    cwAxisLimit=8.52747 ccwAxisLimit=70.9451
    *** channel=1 id=2 found=true ***
    angle=0 speed=0 error=0
    cwAxisLimit=9.49451 ccwAxisLimit=67.4286
    *** channel=1 id=3 found=true ***
    angle=0 speed=0 error=0
    cwAxisLimit=47.7363 ccwAxisLimit=52.3956


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      Okay, I just restarted the grappler daemon and now it works. What caused the daemon to fail? How can I prevent this in the future?
      And the error code of the axis readers is still "-1". What does this value mean?
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