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Cannot connect Robotino from Robotino Factory

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  • Cannot connect Robotino from Robotino Factory

    Hi everyone,

    I am trying to connect Robotino from Robotino Factory using the currect IP adress of the robot, but the connection never happens, I also tried to change the computer and Robotino IP adress, but doesn't work. Nevertheless, I made connection using Robotino View, meaning that IP adress are ok.

    Do I need to use another software that supports Robotino Factory?

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    Hi Santiago - what kind of HW setup do you have? What kind of Image is installed to Robotino? I am asking because the use of Factory requires an image with SmartSoft running - also older images may require an older version of Factory to connect as we did some changes over the last two years.

    If you follow this link you find a box with the currently recommended combination of packages: