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Cannot control Robotino from Robotino Factory

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  • Cannot control Robotino from Robotino Factory

    Hey everybody,

    I wanted to try the map creation function of Robotino Factory. I can see the laser detecting obstacles but unfortunately I cannot control the robot through Robotino Factory.
    I saw that the (outdated?) documentation states that the IP of a Robotino in the list should be the same that I use for connecting. In my case, these two IPs are not identical. I use an IP starting with 192... to connect to Robotino and within the list an IP starting with 172 is shown. I tried changing the IP in the smartsoft_slave.conf to the one I use for connecting but then I don't see my Robotino in the list anymore.

    Any hints on how I can track this problem down?

    And to add to that: I can't do anything with the robot, so all of the functions on the left side after selecting my Robotino are not working. I cannot see an image ("image not available"), I cannot see a cost map.
    Please note that displaying an image works with both RobotinoView as well as the REST API. I can also move my Robotino via RobotinoView.
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    Okay that's strange. I can now control Robotino (and see camera image) through Robotino Factory. I didn't do anything different, just repeated all the steps I did before. Maybe a daemon restart (or restart of the whole Robotino) was something I didn't do correctly last time after applying changes...
    Now I would like to figure out why I cant start programs through the web interface... (see other thread: