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Connect Matlab to Robotino SimDemo using Rest Api

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  • Connect Matlab to Robotino SimDemo using Rest Api

    Hello everyone,

    My project is to control Robotino using Maltlab, to do so, first I need to verify my program on Robotino SimDemo.
    I installed the API2 package, and I was able to establish the connexion between matlab and Robotino Simdemo.
    My question is if I can connect Matlab to Robotino Simdemo using the Rest API method, because it is the method, I’m using to connect to Robotino, and I would like to test it first on the simulation Demo.
    The IP address used is, in the API2 package, it works just fine, but when I use the Rest API method, I always get the same error message: MATLAB: webservices: Connection Refused.

    do you have any idea on what the problem could be?
    Your help is appreciated.

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    Dear Sayyah,

    While the REST API is available in Sim professional I ask for your understanding that we cannot offer all new features in our Free of Charge Demo version. If you are looking to use Matlab and Robotino as part of your university education, please ask your supervisors to obtain a license package for Robotino Sim.




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      Dear Sayyah:

      Our institution have Licences for Robotino Sim Professional. Maybe we can interchange information beacuse i would like to known the connection between Matlab and Robotino Sim Professional. You can write me: [email protected]

      Best Regards.


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