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Robotino3 frimware update

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  • verbeek
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  • TeaTea
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    The newest version isnt 5.0.3-smartsoft-3.1.1. I only see 4.0.11-smartsoft-2.5.3 as the latest

  • Beaudoin

    1. go to '/etc/systemd/' and open logind.conf with gedit (sudo gedit logind.conf);
    2. replace the line "#HandleLidSwitch = suspend" with "HandleLidSwitch = ignore"; this will uncomment the line and changes the "Lid closed" action to do nothing (I guess);
    3. save the file.

    After restarting the Robotino, the problem seems to be fixed.

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  • verbeek
    Please try this

    You have to commit the commands as root.

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  • Sayyah
    Hello Verbeek

    We have intalled the latest image(5.0.3-smartsoft-3.1.1) this morning, the bug still there, Robotino shut down when we disconnect the VGA ..

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  • verbeek
    This is the "Lid closed bug". Disconnecting the VGA is interpreted as notebook closed.

    Please install the latest image from

    The latest ist currently 5.0.3-smartsoft-3.1.1

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  • Beaudoin
    Sorry for the slip ("frimware")... maybe it's just how I feel about Robotino! ("frime" in french means "show off")...

    I reverted my Robotino to version "robotino3-3.1.5".
    I can now unplug the VGA display without the Robotino shutting itself off, but I don't have the REST-API any more.

    I got the software from this page:

    By looking closer to the file names, I noticed that all Robotino3 images over 3.1.6 are named "robotino4-something"...
    Does this mean that all images over 4.0 are in fact Robotino4 images?

    Here's what I did next:

    1. download 4.0.0 image (robotino4-4.0.0.fsa)
    2. install 4.0.0 image on the Robotino

    Noticed no change in regard to version 3.1.5.
    Ubuntu version is still 16.04 (and not 18.04 as indicated on the wiki page).
    However, though I can connect to the Robotino web interface at, the request to '' (as for many other requests to the rest-api) returns nothing at all (not even "404 not found")...
    This is as if version 4.0.0 has an incomplete rest-api...
    When I unplug the display from the VGA connector, the Robotino don't shut off by itself.

    Then, when I tried to download the 4.0.1 image from the wiki page, I got this:
    "Not Found
    The requested URL was not found on this server."

    Next I dowloaded the 4.0.2 image and installed it on the Robotino.
    It seems to have a more complete rest-api but when I disconnect the VGA display, the Robotino shuts off after approximately 30 seconds.

    OK. Now I am convinced that the Robotino shutting off when the VGA is disconnected is a software issue and I guess you too are!

    My questions now :
    1. is it an Ubuntu issue (Ubuntu 18 vs Ubuntu 16) or a Robotino software issue?
    ​​​​​​​2. anybody has any idea on how to fix this?

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  • Beaudoin
    started a topic Robotino3 frimware update

    Robotino3 frimware update

    I updated my Robotino3 with the latest Robotino4 firmware image.
    Since then, the controller shuts off in about 30 seconds after I disconnect the VGA display from the VGA connector on the Robotino.
    Is it a known issue?
    What can I do?
    Can I and should I revert to the Robotino3 frimware image?