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Robotino Factory 4 Box - docking process

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  • Robotino Factory 4 Box - docking process

    Hello everybody,

    could anyone help me with a little problem i have?

    I try to analyze and understand the docking process from Robotino 3 Box Transportation to Factory 4 Box station and the Charger-Docking process.

    I am using RobotinoSim Pro1.5, latest version of Robotino Factory (Win), FleetManager v2 or v3 and the Virtual Machine Ubuntu 18.04 with Smartsoft 2.5.1 loaded from the Robotino WIKI.

    Everything works fine through FleetManager except for the docking process. The robot does not find any markers. I tried the box station from the RobotinoSim Library as well as a modified version of the factory4Docking scenario delivered with RobotinoSim.

    The thing what i am not able to solve and understand:

    1. Box station docking proceess:
    When robotino is located in front of a box station: what does he look for? How do markers and specific points at the station have to look like? Where can I find these informations what he needs to dock successful?
    How does the docking process work?
    Or do I need to have a specific version of smartsoft running?

    2. Is there any description available how to realize a charging station and the docking process in virtualized environment?

    I would be happy about every hint, documentation or experience report someone could share with me.

    Thanks in advance,
    Best regards


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    The docking uses the laserscanner to detect the station. Therefore the station needs to reflective markers at the side from where the robot docks to the station. You can make a small plate (from a box) and set the material to reflective. You can see the plate then as yellow dots in robotino view with the laserscanner function block.


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      thanks alot for your fast response.
      Just that this is clear: I am trying these things with the virtual machine from the Wiki.

      Additional note: if I test the SIM-Scene with Robotino View I can see the yellow points.
      But when using the VM, and try in Factory there are no markers found, no yellow pixels.

      Do I need a special configuration to get this working with the VM? Seems as would something of the simulated Laser within the VM not work well.

      Regards and thanks,