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  • Improve Robotino SIMPRO simulation


    I am Rony Cabrera from Lima, Peru. I am lecturer at PUCP. The last semester we used Robotino Sim Robocup v1.3.3 and recently we acquired a license for Robotino Sim Professional v1.4.5 to have the advantage of new enviorment creation.

    Comparing simulation performance between Robotino Sim RoboCup (free access) and Robotino SIM Professional (payed acess), I found that the first has better. I compared the simualtion performace using one, two and three robots moving at the same time.

    You can see my tests in the following videos:

    Testing Robotino SIM Robocup
    Please focus on:
    0:30 Test with 1 Robot
    0:59 Test with 2 robots
    1:43 Test withe 3 robots

    Testing Robotino SIM Professional:

    Please focus on:
    0:15 Test with 1 Robot
    0:58 Test with 2 robots
    1:57 Test withe 3 robots

    My question is: How can we improve Robotino SIMPro Simualtion?

    Thanks in advance!

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    the difference is the Robotino View Version and with this the communication protocol between View and SIM. I never saw such a big performance difference between the two. Could you tell me the specs of the PC you are running View and SIM? CPU, Memory, Graphics Card.


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      Thanks for your kind response verbeek.

      My specificactions are:
      CPU: AMD A-10 (intel equivalent would be Core i5)
      Memory: 12GB RAM
      Graphics Card: AMD R6 Graphics

      I also thought that it could be my specs, but i monitored them during my tests but i didn't see any important change. Also I run here heavier softwares like Ciros and MES4 using CP-Labs without problems.

      About robotino view versions, Robot SIMRobocup must comunicate with Robotino View version 2 to work perfectly. I tried the comnunication between Robotino View version 2 with Robotino SIMPRO but it didn't work.

      Thanks again,


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        Could you please reduce the graphics complexity. Switch of background, floor, smoothing ... Also have a look at the sensor debugging. Is something set to on?


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          Indeed, in my tests i reduced those characteristics but still it is slow. I tried to connect robotino view 3 with robotino sim pro but it didn't work. How about the robotino sim pro version? I have 1.45 version, do you have an older version installer?

          Click image for larger version

Name:	Captura.PNG
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          Here you can access to my robotino view programs that used in my tests:

          Thanks in advance


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            I had a look at the source code of Robotino SIM Pro and Robocup. The code is identical. So I currently do not know, why Pro is slower on your machine than Robocup is. It would be good if you could run Robotino SIM Pro on a more powerful machine. Especially if you are simulating multiple Robotinos. The faster the CPU the better the result. The graphics card is also important if you want a large window.


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              You could try the latest Robotino SIM Pro Version 1.5.0

              You should also check if driver updates for your graphics adapter are available. I heard of a similar issue affecting Ciros. It is a combination of many things like driver versions, app version ...

              But I know that it works very good on my Intel and AMD CPUs and Nvidia graphics adapters.


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                Very nice of you verbeek. I will prove it and return here to report my results

                Thanks again.


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                  We have tried again but remains problems with simulation for more than 02 robots. However, we will use the software to design our own platforms and that is ok for us. Thanks.