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  • Improve Robotino SIMPRO simulation


    I am Rony Cabrera from Lima, Peru. I am lecturer at PUCP. The last semester we used Robotino Sim Robocup v1.3.3 and recently we acquired a license for Robotino Sim Professional v1.4.5 to have the advantage of new enviorment creation.

    Comparing simulation performance between Robotino Sim RoboCup (free access) and Robotino SIM Professional (payed acess), I found that the first has better. I compared the simualtion performace using one, two and three robots moving at the same time.

    You can see my tests in the following videos:

    Testing Robotino SIM Robocup
    Please focus on:
    0:30 Test with 1 Robot
    0:59 Test with 2 robots
    1:43 Test withe 3 robots

    Testing Robotino SIM Professional:
    Please focus on:
    0:15 Test with 1 Robot
    0:58 Test with 2 robots
    1:57 Test withe 3 robots

    My question is: How can we improve Robotino SIMPro Simualtion?

    Thanks in advance!

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    the difference is the Robotino View Version and with this the communication protocol between View and SIM. I never saw such a big performance difference between the two. Could you tell me the specs of the PC you are running View and SIM? CPU, Memory, Graphics Card.


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      Thanks for your kind response verbeek.

      My specificactions are:
      CPU: AMD A-10 (intel equivalent would be Core i5)
      Memory: 12GB RAM
      Graphics Card: AMD R6 Graphics

      I also thought that it could be my specs, but i monitored them during my tests but i didn't see any important change. Also I run here heavier softwares like Ciros and MES4 using CP-Labs without problems.

      About robotino view versions, Robot SIMRobocup must comunicate with Robotino View version 2 to work perfectly. I tried the comnunication between Robotino View version 2 with Robotino SIMPRO but it didn't work.

      Thanks again,


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        Could you please reduce the graphics complexity. Switch of background, floor, smoothing ... Also have a look at the sensor debugging. Is something set to on?


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          Indeed, in my tests i reduced those characteristics but still it is slow. I tried to connect robotino view 3 with robotino sim pro but it didn't work. How about the robotino sim pro version? I have 1.45 version, do you have an older version installer?

          Click image for larger version

Name:	Captura.PNG
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          Here you can access to my robotino view programs that used in my tests:

          Thanks in advance


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            I had a look at the source code of Robotino SIM Pro and Robocup. The code is identical. So I currently do not know, why Pro is slower on your machine than Robocup is. It would be good if you could run Robotino SIM Pro on a more powerful machine. Especially if you are simulating multiple Robotinos. The faster the CPU the better the result. The graphics card is also important if you want a large window.


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              You could try the latest Robotino SIM Pro Version 1.5.0


              You should also check if driver updates for your graphics adapter are available. I heard of a similar issue affecting Ciros. It is a combination of many things like driver versions, app version ...

              But I know that it works very good on my Intel and AMD CPUs and Nvidia graphics adapters.


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                Very nice of you verbeek. I will prove it and return here to report my results

                Thanks again.