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How to create a new function block with an input data type with 'image' ?

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  • How to create a new function block with an input data type with 'image' ?

    I have created a new function block in Robotino View 2.9.9 beta with an input and three output. The input data type which i am expecting at this function block is an image.

    When i try to create a new function block using function block manager, there are only four data types available which are flota, uint32, int32 und bool. I chose unit32 as input data type, because the image is an array of integers[uint8 480x640x3]. In robotino view the output of the Camera function block shows 'image' as data type.

    And when i try to connect the output of a camera function block to the new function block, it shows a red colour which implies it cannot be connected.

    How can i create a function block with an input with 'image' data type?

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    This is not supported. As you want to do some image processing it is probably easier to create a c++ program reading the image through Api2 or Restapi, process the image and then use dataexchange to communicate with Robotino View.


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      But I tried a different way in order to create a new function block with an input as an image data type by editing the unit.xml file which has been created when a new function block has been created and it worked. I copied the highlighted line as shown in the picture below from another function block which has an input 'image' data type and replaced the same line under <unit:in> instead of <unit:connector var:type="int32" var:varname="in"> .

      After saving the changes when i tried again in Robotino View i could connect the camera to new function block.

      Click image for larger version

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        • But when i try to run the program with the new function block i got the following errors as shown in the picture below.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	Error No Plugins.JPG
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        • There is a file missing which shoud have the following name "unit_robview_myfunctionblocks_pfeiledetektion_sim ulation.dll" in the folder pfeiledetektion.unit whihc is shown below in the second picture.
        • What are the steps to create the above mentioned missing file?

        Click image for larger version

Name:	pfeiledetektion folder file missing.JPG
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          The DLL. This is what you have to compile with Visual Studio. The DLL is the lib that contains your source code and your program. It is really complicated and that is why the option to create user function blocks had been removed from Robotino View.