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WLAN connection: Com Error: The connection has been refused.

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  • WLAN connection: Com Error: The connection has been refused.

    Hey team,

    I'm from Melbourne, Australia and just starting to play with the Robotino for a uni project. I'm trying to just get some demo example built and pushed using WLAN.

    I've gone through the API2 procedure using cmake and I'm using Visual Studio 2015. I can get the examples built and have connected to the robot's access point, noted it's IP, and have executed the created release file (example_circle.exe), passing the IP (

    No matter what I do I get the same "Com Error: The connection has been refused" failure.

    Can anyone give me any ideas? Or point out what further information I could provide?

    Antworten kann auch auf Deutsch oder Englisch sein )

    Really appreciate any input, I'm clicking around in circles.


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    Hello Marshall,

    Check if your IP address is in the same network that the Robotino. The robot does not provide DHCP service, so you must put an IP address like for example on your wifi network card.

    Best regards,



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      I don't know if this accounts to the same problem but try to run your code with administrator privilges. I guess you get this error on the Windows PC?