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I cannot find cmake/unit_plugin.cmake and unit_plugin_simulation.cmake,

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  • I cannot find cmake/unit_plugin.cmake and unit_plugin_simulation.cmake,


    I would like to create my own function block, so I installed the required software given in

    I use
    Robotino View 3.3.1
    Visual Studio 2017
    Windows 10

    What I have done
    (1) I used robview3_functionblockmanager.exe givn in Robotino View 3.3.1 to create my own function block:
    C:\Users\xxx\Festo\RobotinoView3\units\MyFunctionB locks\testblock.unit

    (2) I used cmake-gui and selected source code folder:
    and did the following link:

    Then, I got some errors about path in CMakeLists.txt:

    CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:6 (INCLUDE): include could not find load file:
    INCLUDE( "${ROBVIEWAPIDIR}/cmake/unit_plugin.cmake" )

    So I changed “ROBOTINOVIEW3_API_DIR” to ROBOTINOAPI2_64_DIR which is "C:\Program Files\REC GmbH\robotino\api2".
    But there is no "cmake/unit_plugin.cmake" in that folder. I found only FindRobotinoAPI2.cmake.

    I do not know how I can solve this problem. I found someone that got the same problem:
    Hello, as stated in my topic, CMake won't finish creating the Project Files. It stops with the following error: CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:6 (INCLUDE):

    But I cannot find " Robotino View API" anywhere. It already disappeared.


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    Hi Kiattisin,
    we removed the API because almost nobody was able to get it done correctly. Your attempt would have failed also, because you are using Visual Studio 2017 and Robotino View is currently still build with Visual Studio 2013.
    I recommend that you use the Lua function block for your own programs inside Robotino View or you use some of the dataexchange devices.
    If you tell me what you want to do than we could find a good solution for you together.
    For instance I am thinking about a REST-API client function block to read from and write to REST-APIs like node-red ...


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      Thank you very much for your rapid response.
      I would like to implement an object detection technique with OpenCV Library inside Robotino View.
      I thought it would be possible because I found the following link:

      Could you please suggest me how to work with OpenCV library inside Robotino View?

      Kind regards,


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        So you start with the most complicated thing I can think of. I would say you should grab the image from Robotino's camera into your C++ program running the OpenCV code. Then you do your processing and send the result to Robotino View with UDP-DataExchange.
        Please look at

        You could use the API2 library or the REST-API to get the camera image.

        Devices->UDP data exchange


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          Thank you very much for your kind advice. I will try to do what you suggested.