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ROS Drivers for Robotino3

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  • ROS Drivers for Robotino3

    Hello everyone,

    I am new to robotino and I want to control this robot using ROS (I am kind of familiar with ROS). I spend a lot of time already finding out how to use the available ros packages and api's. However I cannot find a good package which compiles without errors. Every time I want to compile, header files like Com.h were not found. I tried all the packages I could find on this forum but it still does not work. Does anyone know a recent github repository with a clear explanation on how to setup this drivers?

    This is an error which frequently appears. The problem is probably somewhere in this API2 package which I installed using "apt-get install robotino-api2". I use a catkin package which I build using catkin build

    Errors << robotino_node:check /home/ros-industrial/robotino_driver_ws_3/logs/robotino_node/build.check.001.log
    CMake Error at /home/ros-industrial/robotino_driver_ws_3/src/uol-robotino-ros-indigo/robotino_node/CMakeLists.txt:18 (find_package):
    By not providing "FindRobotinoAPI2.cmake" in CMAKE_MODULE_PATH this project
    has asked CMake to find a package configuration file provided by
    "RobotinoAPI2", but CMake did not find one.

    Could not find a package configuration file provided by "RobotinoAPI2" with
    any of the following names:


    Add the installation prefix of "RobotinoAPI2" to CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH or set
    "RobotinoAPI2_DIR" to a directory containing one of the above files. If
    "RobotinoAPI2" provides a separate development package or SDK, be sure it
    has been installed.

    If anyone could help me, I would be very pleased! Kind of desperate right now


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    I will have a look on this. I am just installing ROS kinetic on my system. Kinetic seems to be the last distro for Ubuntu 16.04.
    Robotino now has a REST-API interface next to the API2-C++ interface. As ROS is based on Python it should be easy to write a robotino_node which uses ajax requests to control Robotino. Than nothing needs to be compiled at all. You get the REST-API with the latest robotino-daemons package. Doc is here


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      The first version of the robotino_rest_node can be found at


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        Thank you very much for the information! It is possible to control the Robotino in so many ways. So its a bit struggling to find out what the most appropriate way is.
        The first days will be hard, but once I get all the data of sensors on rostopics, I'm fine.


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          You need to look deeper in the code and build process. I guess your first try only failed because the CMake find script searches in the wrong place. I will check this soon and than you can also use the regular robotino_node. But the REST thing is fine too.


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            First of all, thank you for helping me so fast
            I found a github repository which compiles perfectly and is up to date:
            So for now, I use this to read all sensors and command the motors.
            The only thing I still need to do now is to find out a way to get all the needed data from the factory. Otherwise, I need to do the localization and mapping on my own.
            I'll try the ROS navigation stack and see if I can get the Robotino up with this.


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              I recommend that you use the ROS navigation stack. This is exactly what you need for your experiments. You can deactivate or uninstall the smartsoft packages then.


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                The ROS navigation stack works good. The next step is indeed to remove the smartsoft packages. Thank you for the help!


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                  I have the same problem as you when i want to compile the robotino example with cmake in my private computer.
                  And I also have installed successfully.
                  But when i compiled the CMakeLists.txt. This error appeared again. I have got stuck here one week.
                  How can i solve it?
                  Huge Thx.
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                    I updated the robotino_node. YOu can get it from here

                    With the latest packages on your Robotino you can also use the REST variant. Otherwise use robotino-complete