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    Hi, I am trying to compile API2 from the source to build proper DLL compatible with my C# program architecture (for example for UWP, WinRT app)
    in the middle of downloading the source code from the svn I get a login window to enter username and password of svn. by canceling this dialog, it doesn't download part of the sources (for example lib/rec/rpc)
    So QtCreator will show error during the compilation.

    Could you please let me know, what is the authentication information of this svn?

    Thank you in advance

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    access to lib/rec/rpc is back to anon=read. So you can complete the checkout of api2 sources.
    Building api2 is not that easy. Give it a try. If you get into problems let me know. I reorganized the library and I could send you a source package with a different build structure. For this you would need to get Qt library for your system and compiler.
    If this is all to complicated I would like to point you to the new REST API shipping with the latest robotino-daemons package. Maybe this would be something you can use. It is based on

    and you could use the same library to implement a client.


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      first of all thank you for your reply, I could finally download rpc.

      Actually for compiling the api2 I already installed QR creator and using visual studio compiler. I could open the pre-made As you say it is not really easy to build the api2 from source.

      You say you can send me the package with a different build structure. i will be really appreciated if you could just build the rec_robotino_api2.dll for using in UWP and WinRT applications? I need it for x86 Architecture.

      Regarding the REST interface available on the new version of daemons, I have tried once to use this and move the robotino, but no success. Do you have any example code or user manual, how to use the APIs, how should the payload looks like and ...?

      Are all the functionallities like omnidrive, camera and ... available in REST interface?



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        I am currently implementing lots of things for configuring Robotino through its web interface. But I can really implement the things you need.

        Maybe you can start with /cam0 and /data/omnidrive

        /cam0 just gives you the jpeg image from the camera.

        /data/omnidrive is a put with the values encoded as JSON.

        The web interface is using it like

        var data = {
                vx: svx,
                vy: svy,
                omega: somega
                url: "data/omnidrive",
                type: 'PUT',    
                data: JSON.stringify(data),
                contentType: 'application/json',