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    Hi. I need to analyze the Robotino control system, but it is not clear which components belong to the control system. I want to know what exactly allows the robot to move, as well as more details on these components in RobotinoView, as the official documentation does not provide the necessary information. That is, I need details on each component, how it works, how it affects the movement of the robot, what functions are used in it.

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    I think these two points of entry should provide you with more than enough material:

    Good luck!


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      Hey, that's absolutely not it. I still need to understand about the PID controller, how to remove the frequency and in General the signal from the pid of the motor controller, which gives me, since with different data, the graph is always the same, can not be the same result with different inputs. I use 2 version of the simulator and robotino view. I don't understand how to use oscillators.


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        I am a little surprised to see expect the simulator to have an in-depth model of the real PID controller. This is 100% out of scope for our intend with Robotino Sim. The simulation was created as virtual counterpart to Robotino View and as a safe help to test programming - not for low-level programming. You should see different results using real hardware. Even if this was possible with simulation, a PID controller is optimised for real world problems like carpet, slippage, unknown load weight aso. this level of simulation is not part of Robotino Sim, you would need quite complicated mathematic models to describe and compute different possible effects.
        Of course if your supervisor feels that you can solve this problem with simulation only, he/she can contact us for clarification.