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Robotino View Marker Position | Distance not calculated right

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  • Robotino View Marker Position | Distance not calculated right


    I am working on 'marker position' function block to detect the distance from the marker. Marker is being detected correctly but I am not getting the correct distance from the marker.
    Is there something I am doing wrong ? Does camera calibration needs to be done ? In tests, I had the camera in 90 degrees angle to the ground on marker's height. Z-direction that seems to be the distance does not translate correctly i.e., if I move the camera 30 cm from the mark it translates to 50 cm. Any help would be great. Below one can find picture of my robotino view file. (I am using Robotino View 3.1.3)

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    Hi MuhammadAli,

    The resulting value in CM is a little bit misleading. While it is possible that this value is exactly true, several factors, including some you cannot control, will cause deviation. So take this measurement as unitless, In the setup I testet it was an offset of 14 cm up to 50cm. Part of the deviation can result from: deviation in mounting (which you already said you fixed to exactly 90°) and also the Webcam optics and if and how the webcam decides to focus.
    You should combine your measurement with other sensors, for example distance sensor.