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Robotino Factory using S300 laser scanner

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  • Robotino Factory using S300 laser scanner


    is there anyone who can tell me how to create a map with robotino factory using the s300 laser-scanner? i could't find any informations how to configurate the scanner. I can select my robotino, i installed smartsoft and changed the Settings, but how to add the scanner?

    Thank you very much for your help.

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    Hi Jamal,

    if you have an updated image including smartsoft (like 3.1.4 + Smartsoft 2.2.3) then Smartsoft is enabled by default. In the Webinterface for the smartsoft client you can configure which laserscanner to use - which by default should be the s300. Also make sure that the IP of the robot matches the external available IP of Robotino (e.g. default
    Afterwards use Robotino Factory to connect to it and start mapping away.

    Hope this helps, good luck!

    Remember this is all beta, so we do appreciate your feedback.