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Controlling robotino with Joystick

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  • Controlling robotino with Joystick

    Hello guys,

    I'm trying to controll robotino with joystick. I figured out how to do it by computer. But I want to control it over Robotino's USB input. I tried to do that via Robotino Web Interface, but didn't work.

    Anybody that can help ?


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    Here is what you should do:
    Upload your program(that worked on your pc) to Robotino
    Plug in your Joystick to Robotino
    Use VNC (See Service Portal) to connect to Robotino
    Open your program locally and select the right Joystick (on linux you have to try which one is the right one)
    Please note that in most cases buttons and axis are mapped differently under windows and linux, this happens on driver level and we cannot do anything about it.

    If your joystick is not detected by linux it probably has no driver package for linux, also something we cannot help with.

    Hope this was helpful to you, good luck!