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ROS: Robotino node and teleop not working

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  • ROS: Robotino node and teleop not working

    Hello everybody,

    I am using the ros kinetic at my robotino 3. I dowloaded the robotino package from:
    I was able to make the pakages with catking and I had no problems.
    When I launch the only_ronbotino_node and the keyboard_teleop.launch the robotino donĀ“t respond. Someone knows what can be happening?

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    Can you provide a little more detail about your setup? Do you start all nodes locally?
    When the robotino_node is running, you should be able to control the robot using /cmd_vel messages. To proove this, you can use the GUI-tool rqt_robot_steering (easiest way to start: "rosrun rqt_gui rqt_gui" and then search the plugins for "robot steering"). Just set some speed and the robot should move. If this is the case, then the teleop-node is not working.