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Problem building Wrapper for .net programming using cmake

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  • Problem building Wrapper for .net programming using cmake

    Hey there!
    I am currently trying to programm Robotinos via .Net, but I have troubles with building the Wrapper.

    I followed the steps from wiki.openrobotino about Dotnet Programming ( and installed the RobotinoAPI2, set the environment variables pointing to the RobotinoAPI2 install folder, downloaded and unzipped Swigwin in the ordered directory and I checked out the package from SVN. Then i built the package using CMake (I am using CMake for the first time). Now comes the part where I am confused. When I open the project in VS and try to Debug it, an error-message occurs: "Unable to start Porject ...\Debug\ALL_BUILD. Access denied". I googled and found out that I have to change the start project, but no matter what Project I choose, I still get the same Error.
    Adding to this problem I am not quiet sure if I built the right Package. I used the CMakeLists.txt in the root of the SVN package. Do I have to use the CMakeLists.txt in ...\wrapper\dotnet, since I want to use Dotnet?

    Swigwin Version: swigwin-2.0.4
    Api2 Version: "latest" (11.7.2017) Windows 64bit
    OS: Windows 10 Education 64 Bit

    I really hope someone can help me!

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    Hey there!

    I think, what you are doing is just rebuild the .dll files. Of course it can't be run. Actually this work is already done by FESTO. You can find the rec_robotino_api2_dotnet.dll in you api/bin folder.

    I also want to use c sharp. But I get trouble when I run the example. I have built it. but the application crashs before the GUI comes out. I have no idea about that because no build error and enviroment variables are fine. Do you successfull work with .Net?