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Problem Server/Client Communication RobotinoView

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  • Problem Server/Client Communication RobotinoView

    Hello everyone,
    We have a Festo Prolog factory and we are using two Robotinos 3 to manage the storage. We are programming them with RobotinoView 3.1.2. and inside the programs that are running the robotinos we added Data Exchange Clients. We use the computer to control them, so it is running also a program made in RobotinoView with the Data Exchange Server.
    The problem appears when trying to read channel.
    We checked that in the same program it can't read and write the same channel even when the readings and writing are made in different subprograms, who will never execute at the same time. But when the server in the computer try to read the channel that the Robotino is writing it gives problems as it doesn't show any value. What are the rules to achieve a reliable communication?

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    I made a test using a Windows PC running Robotino View with the Data exchange server and Robotino running Robotino View with a Data exchange client. I attached the two Robotino View projects.

    The client count up a global variable writing this to the server and a step later reading it from the server. Works fine for me.

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      I tried your example and it works fine, but in the communication that we are implementing the server changes the value of the channels. I also noticed that in the client side you introduced another server module, why? I think it's not being used in the program but better to have no doubts.
      In our project we need a communication similar to the attached example, and it's not working for us. In the example, the server will change periodically the value of the channels, and the Robotino needs to listen and answer accordingly. To try the example you may need to change the IP adresses of the Robotino and the client connecting to the server.
      If anyone can help we appreciate.