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Problem controlling Robotino with Matlab/Simulink.

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  • Problem controlling Robotino with Matlab/Simulink.

    Hello everyone, we own a Robotino V3 and would like to control this with Matlab. We followed the description in the Robotino Wiki and have installed API 2. The connection to the Robotino via WiFi is established and the library can be loaded. If we run the programs using the m-Files via Matlab Script, they are executed by the Robotino. However, if we try to control it via Simulink, the program hangs up. To this problem we have unfortunately also no solution found in the forum. We are looking forward to your help.

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    Could you please specify Robotino Firmware, Matlab Version and what kind of HW+SW you run this on (e.g. Windows version). This will be very helpful for anyone reading your thread.


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      Hello CDP,

      very nice of you that you answer our post. Of course I can Supply this data.
      Robotino 3 with Frimware 1.2.4. ; Matlab R2016b; Windows 10

      I hope this is helpful.


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        We were able to replicate your issue with crashing Simulink simulations in your Software configuration. This seems to occur with Matlab/Simulink v. 2016a and following. As no relevant changes were communicated to us, we will need to involve Mathworks to look closer at the issue. This will for sure take some time.
        For the moment I can only suggest to try older Matlab versions, e.g. the ones mentioned in wthe wiki which are verified.
        I hope this was helpful to you.