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Communication with PCI-E Seriell Interface

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  • Communication with PCI-E Seriell Interface

    Hello Everyone,

    I have a Problem. I Need to setup a communication between a Robotino and a SICK-Safety scanner via RS-422 Interface. Because im pretty new to Ubuntu and i dont know how exactly seriell Interfaces work, i Need your help where i can find and setup the right ports for the communication. I couldnt find the right Informations on the Internet or could not use them because of my lack of knowledge.

    Im working with

    Operating System: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
    Scanner: SICK S30B 3011BA
    PCI-E Seriell Interface Card: PCI Express - Karte 2x RS232/RS422/RS485, 1kV isoliert

    Thanks in advance.

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    Did you check out our corresponding Wiki pages? Maybe the descriptors provide some help.