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    I'm trying to use the robotino in the "Robotino Factory" software or on the Web Interface-Factory 4. In Robotino Factory I can connect to the robotino ( but i can't choose the robotino, it always says:"The list of robots is empty". How can I use the Robotino either in "Robotino FActory" or the "Factory4"? Apperently it doesn't work straight out of the box. Does someone know where to find a tutorial on this or can help me?

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    The Robotino will have to run the SmartSoft software in order to connect Robotino Factory. We're currently working on updating our documentation for this. Try installing the robotino-smartsoft-* packages on the robotino. They are not currently automatically included in the image, but the package repositories should be available.
    Then you connect to it through your browser by entering the ip. Under settings you can configure the components. Basically if you want to only use one robotino with robfactory I'd recommend setting both the "smartsoft_slave" and "smartsoft_master" autostart to true, so all the software will start when the robotino boots up.


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      Thanks for your response. I'm still stuck, how do I get the SmartSoft software on the Robotino? And by package repositories you mean the ones in following link: ? For all those things, do i need to connect the Robotino to the internet, how do I do that?

      I'm not a robotics student and I just want to use Factory4 on the webinterface or Robotino Factory. Can you maybe tell me what I have to do, in order to use Factory4 or Robotino Factory?

      Many thanks,


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        Yes the Robotino will need Internet access. Either use its wifi capability or connect it directly to your network per Ethernet.
        The Robotino is running a version of Ubuntu on it. Connect to the robot via ssh or connect keyboard and monitor to it. If You are unfamiliar with linux and use Windows try following the instructions at to connect to your robot.
        Open a terminal and put "sudo apt-get install robotino-smartsoft-*" and it should install the required software.