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  • Robtino and Matlab/C

    Hi Everyone!

    This is my first post in this forum. I am a mechatronics student and I just heard about Robotino from my teacher. When I downloaded the View and Sim programs I just got so happy that this tool exist. I am planning to buy a Robotino in the future but for now I am learning using the Simulator.

    I would have three questions, if you can help please do:

    1. Are there any tutorials/books on learning the first steps? (the ones there are on wiki are not suitable for first time users)?

    2. How can I program Robotino with Matlab? So far I did the followings: downloaded and installed the API2. I dont know what is the next step. Programs installed on my computer: Matlab R2015a, Robotino View 3.1.1. Could you please let me know, how can I connect? Thank you.

    3. Same as question 2 but with C++.

    Thank you in advance for your help!

    I am having the error when I try to connect:
    I type: ComID = Com_construct;

    ...and I get the following error:
    Warning: Name is nonexistent or not a directory: \bin
    > In path (line 109)
    In init (line 22)
    In Com_construct (line 18)
    Warning: Name is nonexistent or not a directory: \include\rec\robotino\api2\c
    > In path (line 109)
    In init (line 23)
    In Com_construct (line 18)
    Error using loadlibrary>lFullPath (line 634)
    Could not find file Com.h.

    Error in loadlibrary (line 229)

    Error in init (line 24)
    loadlibrary( 'rec_robotino_api2.dll', 'Com.h', ...

    Error in Com_construct (line 18)
    if ( init )

    Please help me if you can! Thank you very much!