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Connecting extern sensors to robotino

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  • Connecting extern sensors to robotino

    Dear Community,

    i really would like to connect some sensors to my robotino (temperature, light, ultrasound, humitdity...) and of cause pass on the data to robotinoview! But as I'm a newbie on this topic I was hoping that some of you maybe can give some advise to get this working or can pass me a weblink to get me started? Maybe some of you already have done sth. similar? So far I wasnt able to find any good information on the internet. I would be really gratful for your help!


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    Dear Nogoth,

    the easiest way would be to simply connect your sensors to the standard I/O board, this way you can also work with the values in RobotinoView.
    You can get the power for your sensors from there as well.

    What generation of Robotino are you using?
    This would be the setup for Robotino3:

    Kind regards


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      I want to send the signals from the sensors through a plc via wi fi. The Plc speaks modbus. How do I do the communication? thanks


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        Out of the box Robotino View does not Support ModBus. If your PLC supports ModBusTCP you could make the connection with a ROS based solution using the link below. This will not work out of the box!
        It should be easier to use OPC.