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SICK Scanner on Robotino3

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  • SICK Scanner on Robotino3

    Hi guys, I'm a beginner of robotino development, and I develop some application on robotino3 which have to use the data of SICK(laser scanner, see the fig below, the yellow one)

    I tried to use REST-API to get the data(/data/scan0), but nothing came out.
    (The image I used is " )
    and I also deployied ROS melodic on the OS, and launched the robotino_node and still did't get it.(topic: /scan, include laserrangefinder.h)
    Does someone know what's wrong with it? Is there really a SICK Laser Server running in daemon? Or what else things should I do?
    Thank you.

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    Have a look at /etc/robotino/smartsoft_slave.conf
    This can be accessed through the web interface.
    Make sure lasertype is s300.


    • Henry Huang
      Henry Huang commented
      Editing a comment
      Thank you very much !! I found out the communication port at /etc/robotino/smartsoft_slave.conf
      Feel so excited about the follow-up development !!!