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Replacing CF-card Robotino

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  • Replacing CF-card Robotino

    Hello everybody,

    I'm trying to create an new image on the CF-card of the Robotino but without succses. I just can't get it to work.
    I have tried a lot of different stuff i followed all the steps on this site:
    but also without succses.
    What i think myself the problem would be that my new cf-card is not a fixed drive. Could this be the problem or is it something else ?
    I really hope somebody can help me out!

    Thanks in advance!!

    Kind regards,


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    Do have some more information? Which CF-card (brand, type, size) are you using? Do you use Windows or Linux? Which errors do you get? Do you use an internal or external card reader?


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      I found the solution. I had to make a the CF-Card from a removable drive into a fixed drive. Once the CF-Card was a fixed drive the Robotino saw the new OS on the CF-Card.


      • joao.junho16
        joao.junho16 commented
        Editing a comment
        How did you do a removable drive of CF-Card to a fixed disk?
        Please teach me.

        Como vocĂȘ fez uma CF-Card de unidade removĂ­vel para um disco fixo?
        Me ensine por favor.

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      I have seen a lot on this removable-bit. However, I recently created a CF-card using the standard image, and it just worked... I was using Ubuntu 14.04. I thought that maybe it is Windows that does not want to write a bootable disk if it is removable?