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How can I easily identify which robotino generation do I have?

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  • How can I easily identify which robotino generation do I have?

    I am working with some old equipment in my lab and I need to know the generation of the robotinos.


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    Hi, I'm also new to Robotino. However, I think that you can determine the version according to the year your lab received it or base on its design.
    Good luck and have fun with it!


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      Hi...i am a new user here. The best way to check its features and compare it with the specified in manuals and all that.
      If your are able to share its pics and some specifications then please share it here. I will try to recognize it for you.

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        The easiest way to know is based on the version Robotino in the display. "Version 2.X" is from Robotino 2 and "Version 3.x" belongs to new Robotino or Robotino 3. Also, Batteries are different. Robotino 2 uses 12 V 5 Ah which are smaller than the 12V9Ah of the Robotino 3.

        One thing I can recommend is to look for more info in Robotino wiki website, I think other differences can be found in there.


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          You could also have a look on the righthand backside of the Robotino as it will tell you our part number: If it starts with 8029... it is Robotino 3, all other numbers are from older generations.