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    Someone shows me one access point to put in Robotino, I have one here more the connection is not very good. I need another access point in my notebook to ensure better communication?

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    Hello jao.junho16,

    The standard one looks like this:

    But you can basically configure all access points to work with Robotino.

    Of course you can connect your notebook and Robotino to an external WLAN-Router. Use Robotino in client mode then.
    You can use 5Ghz WLAN for better connection, but 2.4 Ghz is the standard and easier to setup.

    Kind regards


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      Hello Beckmann,
      As I set the ip's of the Robotino?
      I'm using like this: access point Robotino client -> access point AP notebook.
      I'm using a point DWL-2100AP access the Robotino Client mode and notebook am using access point LCS-WA5-45 AP mode. And I am unable to make the communication Robotino with the Notebook.
      Kind regards,


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        Hello joao.junho16,

        1. suggestion
        have you tried to connect the LCS-WA5-45 to Robotino? This is the standard way to use it with Robotino. Use the LCS-WA5-45 in AP mode and connect your notebook directly to Robotino. This way you avoid another step in between.

        If you are using the setup as you described, did you make sure that the IPs of all devices are in the same range?
        Can you access the web-interface of the LCS-WA5-45 to see, wheather the DWL-2100AP has logged in correctly? This way you can find the error step by step.

        Good luck


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          Hello Beckmann,
          Previously used the LCS-WA5 -45 AP mode in Robotino, connected the notebook normally, but failed conecxão lot.
          So I decided to put two access points to mediate the connection of Robotino and notebook, however with the LCS-WA5-45 in client mode. Not obitive success. I checked the Ips and corretamentes were in the same range.
          Soon after this, I put the access point of the Robotino in AP mode access point and the DWL-2100AP notebook in client mode. It worked, the connection worked properly.
          I was doubtful, because in some research I did, the access point of the Robotino was using in Client mode and the access point using the notebook was in AP mode.
          Could you give me an example of how to put the equipment (Robotino, Access Point Client mode Robotino, access point mode AP notebook and Notebook) on the same IP range? because using this way could not make the communication between Robotino -> notebook, longer using the LCS-WA5-45 the Robotino in AP mode and the DWL-2100AP notebook in client mode functioned normally.