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Webcam Robotino 2.

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  • Webcam Robotino 2.

    Tenho duas dúvidas.

    Qual a melhor webcam para usar no Robotino?
    1 - Logitech c270;
    2 - Logitech c905 e;
    3 - Logitech pro 9000;

    Tem alguma alteração que posso fazer no Kp, Ki e Kd dos motores do Robotino para deixá-lo mais preciso?

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    First of all - this is the English forum, would you be so kind to ask questions in English, please?
    Regarding the webcam question - this depends heavily on what you want to do with the webcam. How do you define "better"? Higher resolution? Faster framerate? Higher dynamics?

    Asking a complete different question in the same thread with a headline not pointing to it is no good style either. Anyhow, how do you define more precise? What doesn't fit with the current setup?


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      I wanted a webcam with good resolution and response in sending the images. And as the PID settings of Robotino Motors , you know help me?