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Are Access Points Necessary for Multiple Robotino Connectivity

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  • Are Access Points Necessary for Multiple Robotino Connectivity

    Hello, I had a question regarding the construction of a Wlan network. I am currently trying to connect 2 robotinos to an internal network created by the router (minus internet). The problem that I am facing currently is that I am able to access the Robotino interface only when there is a LAN cable connected between the robotino and the router.Any kind of help would be greatly appreciated.

    PS. The robotinos are configures as "Clients" in this scenario USB adapters are working fine and all the required drivers have already been installed (Confirmed as they transmit network while in "Master" mode)I would also like to add that we are making use of a normal router without Festo Robotino's access point. Could you please confirm if an access point is necessary to connect multiple Robotinos within a single network or it can be done via a normal Wlan network.

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    Which version of Robotino do you use? In general it is possible to connect the Robotinos via WLAN to a router. It is just a matter of network communication. I guess the best way to do it is to connect to the Robotino via LAN and then configure the WiFi-Stick to connect to the WLAN of the router. At least with Robotino 3 this is no problem. Just be aware that the USB WiFi stick is configured to act as access point in normal operation so this needs to be changed.

    If you use a Robotino 2 then this post may help:


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      First question is, which form of Robotino do you utilize? All in all it is conceivable to interface the Robotinos by means of WLAN to a switch. It is simply a question of system correspondence.
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        Sorry for the delay in response.There are 2 robotinos, One is an old one(2 maybe) and the other one is v3. I read in this forum that for establishing WLAN we need to remove the internal access point and then do the necessary configuration, but I could not find enough documentation about this, that is why I went ahead with multiple LAN cables connecting the robotinos to a single router.