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Robotino XT Arm not working / User manual

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  • Robotino XT Arm not working / User manual

    The Robotino XT pneumatic arm and gripper does not work. I have code called poser where I hold the arm in a position and it reads potentiometer and pressure readings to maintain the position, however the arm does not hold its position at all. I don't have code for the gripper, but fairly certain that it also does not work.

    I have the user manual for previous Robotino, but not for this one, so I don't know of required maintenance of the arm. If you have the robotino XT user manual, could you please provide?

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    Unfortunately Robotino XT has never been a didactic product. It was only handed over to project partners in combination with Research activities.
    Robotino XT is based on Robotino 2 which was discontinued ten years ago. The 3D printed parts were also made about ten years ago, if you observe that the trunk fails to operate as expected it is likely that you are looking at catastrophic damage due to aging material. We have also seen cases were our valve-terminal was clogged up by 3D-grate.

    We cannot service or fix this issue for you - if you are looking for a mobile Manipulator, feel free to contact us for our Robotino + Denso Cobotta solution. If you are looking for a Pneumatic Robot, please wait until availability of the Festo Cobot some time next year.

    Sorry to not have better news. I hope this was helpful!