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    Hello Dear Community,

    I'm noob at Robotino Robot,
    My University sent me to search information about Robotino version 1.0
    They just finished dusting off a robotino that they had stored since 2007.
    And I don´t know where to search,
    I have seen in the official page of festo downloads ip.festo-didactic but they just have since Robotino version 2
    ¿Can you help me with any information?
    Or maybe any document, manual, software you can provide me.
    On the other hand, I don't know if the following is possible.
    ¿Can I update the software of my Robotino?
    I guess to work with 2.0 framework or later. But I´m not sure if sensors are predefined to version 1.0 .

    Please, help me
    Thank you

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    Your only chance to give your Robotino v1 a second life is to hack it and install a Raspberry Pi instead of the PC104 module.


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      I have an open question, 32-bit architecture (i386) doesn't talk to 64-bit, but 64-bit (arm64) should talk to both 64-bit and 32-bit. For example, I have ubuntu 16.04 with API2 Ros arm64 installed on my notebook automatically it should not be able to run ROS routines in openrobotino1 and openrotino2.​