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Robotino control

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  • verbeek
    You have to send the velocity commands continuously to Robotino. Every 100ms would be good. If you send only once, Robotino will timeout after 500ms and stop the motors. This is probably what you see.

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  • Mohamed Rouissi
    started a topic Robotino control

    Robotino control

    My master degree project is ''control of an omnidirectional mobile robot(ROBOTINO)''.
    I have a problem (in matlab/simulink), I work in open loop control, when I give constant inputs to Robotino, it moves and stops after one second (it considers these inputs as an impulse of one second), and when I vary the speed in the course of time, Robotino moves in "step by step" mode (moves and stops). i don't know what is the problem.
    have you any idea about that?