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Robotino 3 Dynamic control

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  • Robotino 3 Dynamic control

    Hello everyone,

    I am using Robotino 3, and I’m building a controller that control the dynamics of the system (the outputs of the controller are the currents or the voltages of each motor).
    is it possible to command Robotino this way?
    instead of sending the velocities, I would like to send the Voltage of each motor. can i do that?

    Thank you.

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    Yes, this is possible through Robotino's second ethernet port which is connected to the microcontroller controlling the motors.

    Here is some info about the implemented PI controller

    Robotino Tools from

    contains EA09View which connects to the microcontroller and lets you examin and parameterize the MC. The help contains info about communicating with the MC.


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      Thank you, that was helpful.

      I have another question, I am trying to update my Robotino3 to the latest image, I followed the steps from the website (see image), but when I choose the Usb, the system restarts immediately without

      any update. can you help me with that please.

      the image I am trying to install is as in the picture, is Ubuntu 20.04 is required for the installation or the system should be upgraded to it after the update?

      For now, I have Ubuntu 16.04 on the Robotino.

      Best regard

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        I guess something is wrong with your USB stick. I use unetbootin


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          Regarding the update, you have to boot twice because of Intel ME.